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Now ... Learn how to choose a Wedding Planner that is the RIGHT FIT for YOU and understand why this is so important!

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Introducing the Essential Guide to Hiring a Destination Wedding Planner

When choosing a wedding planner

You need to understand ...

  • That there are different types of wedding planners and it’s not always obvious what the differences are.
  • Wedding planners offer many different types of services and it’s not always obvious how their offerings differ.

And you need to know ...

  • The type of wedding planner that will best suit you.
  • What type of planning help you want and why.

If you’re planning on using a wedding planner to help plan your wedding abroad …(great choice BTW- we’re personally all in favour of using a wedding planner) …it’s absolutely critical that you select the RIGHT planner for YOU!

Bride “M.” who recently had her wedding abroad chose a wedding planner that gets excellent reviews. Many couples love this planner!

HOWEVER for M this was the WRONG wedding planner for her.

M didn’t realise that the type and level of service wedding planners provide could be significantly different. A key factor in her selection process was the budget that was provided to them. Compared to other wedding planners it was more reasonable but what she didn’t realise at the time was they were only given a basic list of services and the costs kept going up if they wanted anything above this.

Unfortunately M’s choice of wedding planner negatively impacted her wedding day and in hindsight she realised that she didn’t know how to choose a wedding planner.

Win A Wedding Abroad Planning Consultation and Destination Wedding Planning Tool Kit

We don’t want any other couple to feel the same disappointment by realising they have chosen the wrong type of wedding planner.

Not all wedding planners are created equal!

Not all wedding planners ...

  • Provide the same type of service (even if their websites say they do)!

Not all wedding planners ...

  • Provide the same level of service (even though we’d like to think they would)!

Not all couples ...

  • Want the same type of wedding planner.
  • Need the same level of service.

Our Wedding Planner Selection Bundle has everything you need to choose THE wedding planner that is YOUR perfect fit!

What's included?

Comprehensive Guides

GUIDE 1 – Understanding Destination Wedding Planning Services

GUIDE 2 – Wedding Planner Fees and Contracts

GUIDE 3 – Essential Questions to Ask Wedding Planners 

Cheat Sheets & Spreadsheets

Discover Your Planning Needs – Cheat Sheet

Wedding Planner Quick Guide – Cheat Sheet 

Wedding Planner Comparison  – Spreadsheet

Bonus Resources

The Difference Between  Planning Services – Video Tutorial Expert Advice

Wedding Planner Initial Contact Form

Sample Wedding Planner Contract

Discover how to choose the wedding planner that is the right fit for you

Inside you'll learn...

Guide 1.

Understanding the range of destination wedding planning services

  • The different types of destination wedding planners – we outline the 4 main types.
  • An overview of the different planning services each type of wedding planner offers.
  • Mistakes to avoid when selecting your wedding planner – one couple’s real experience.
  • If you should you choose a home based or destination based wedding planner.
  • The type of wedding planner different couples used and why – real experiences.

Guide 2.

Understanding destination wedding planner’s fees and contracts

  • The cost bands for the different types of wedding planners.
  • What a typical wedding planner’s contract looks like and what they should include.
  • The pros & cons of using a wedding planner.
  • Expert professional advice – the benefit of using a wedding planner.

Guide 3.

Questions to ask destination wedding planners – to help you easily compare and select

  • A comprehensive list of questions to ask wedding planners so you can confidently choose the right planner.
  • Questions that are designed to eliminate any surprises and help you compare wedding planners by ensuring you cover the same information with each.

Keep on track with...

Cheat Sheet – Quick Guide

Discovering your planning needs – prompts that will help you...

  • Gain an understanding of your own unique requirements.
  • Match your needs with the services that the different types of wedding planners

Cheat Sheet – Quick Guide

Choosing a destination wedding planner - inside you'll find…

  • A summary of all our advice and tips to help you choose a wedding planner that is right
    for you.
  • The Initial points you should take into consideration when selecting a wedding planner.

Spreadsheet – Checklist

Wedding planners cost and services comparison - this will...

  • Help you compare and evaluate the conversations you have and the information you receive from different wedding planners.
  • Help you evaluate the costs and the services that are and are not included within each wedding planner’s service offering.

Bonus extras...

Video TutoriaL

Expert Advice

  • Claire Salisbury, wedding planner from Lefkas Weddings talks us through the differences between a wedding planner, a venue co-ordinator and a tour operator.


Wedding planner initial contact form

  • A handy form designed for you to use when first contacting different wedding planners.
  • An outline of the initial of information you should provide planners so they have an idea of your requirements and the vision you have for your wedding day.

Contract Guide

Wedding planner sample contract

  • An example of what you would expect to find in a wedding planner’s contract.
  • An overview of the details you should be aware of before you sign on the dotted line with a wedding planner.

Everything you need to...


…the type of wedding planner that is best suited to your requirements within your budget.


…destination wedding planners by asking the right questions.

Make An Informed Decision

…and be confident that you can now choose THE destination Wedding Planner that is the right fit for you.

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