Wedding Ready Go Planning Consultation

90 minutes devoted to you!

We are Keeping Wedding Planning
Simple, Affordable, Supportive and So Easy!
A Big Bag of #WeddingSass

Our planning consultation is designed to leave you feeling on top of the world and bubbling over with ideas. Bursting with confidence to create your special day just the way you want it. No wedding woes, just heaps of positive vibes.

Our inhouse planner will be your personal cheerleader.

Jo loves helping couples enjoy the entire wedding journey. Her approach is to get you focused and to prioritise what’s important to you, guiding you on how to get the wedding you truly want. 

She will share practical know-how to get the wedding of your dreams. Together you will iron out all the kinks in your plan.

90 minute destination wedding planning consultation £145

“There is no right or wrong in the wedding world. There is often pressure to fall in line with traditional wedding expectations. This day is about you, take the opportunity to take time to think how you wish to celebrate, seek advice from wedding experts and be confident in your choices. What matters is that you will look back on this day without regrets.”

Jo Daye -Destination Wedding Planner

How it Works

This 90 minute session is conducted by phone, Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp (your preference).

Jo’s 14 years of planning highly bespoke destination weddings and events means she is able to tap into a deep well of knowledge and actual experience.

Having researched, planned and overseen many requests she can explain with clarity what is involved and what things to consider. 

Whether you are a traditionalist or an alternative wedding couple, dream of a 3-day gathering for a large group, or a romantic elopement, Jo will guide you on the possibilities and practicalities. 

Jo has helped countless couples transform their dreams to real life experiences and will help make wedding planning simple, affordable, supportive and easy.

*You have the opportunity to personalise this session by sending over your 3 priorities for discussion and your top planning questions before the consultation.

What you'll cover

Wedding Ready Go Planning Consultation


Before the consultation

With a fresh, honest approach to wedding planning, Jo is very much about helping you have the wedding day that resonates with your beliefs and ideas and reflects your personal priorities and style choices.

who is the consultation for?

You’re at the very beginning!

“Help…we have no idea how to start planning!” The what, where, when, how, why – so many questions! If you’re unsure whether you want to hire a Wedding professional or do DIY Planning our consultation will give you a real life experience of what it is like to plan a wedding abroad with an expert. 

You’ve made some progress but you’d love to pick the brains of a professional!

Want to check you’re on the right track, make sure you haven’t forgotten major elements or made any obvious mistakes? This is your chance for an expert to cast an eye over your planning and provide guidance on your next steps.

You have a sticking point!

You are stuck on a couple of points or a specific issue and don’t know how to solve it yourself. Jo can help with anything wedding abroad related, including the best way to downsize or postpone your wedding due to COVID-19.

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